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Packaging & Container is information!!

VeinWorks Vision:

VeinWorks aims to build a sustainable society by reducing packaging & container wastes with its belief that “packaging & container is information” which was derived from requirements of industries today like “Reverse Logistics”, “Returnable packaging & container”, “IoT”, “Traceability”, etc.

VeinWorks Mission 

1. We provide high quality products and services related to industrial packaging and container to our clients.

2. We provide unconventional products and services with innovation and creativity to our clients.

3. We support our clients’ business expansion, cost reduction, productivity increase and profit growth.

ドラム缶/不法投棄//drum /Illegal dumping
ドラム缶/不法投棄//drum /Illegal dumping

You can watch the videos of Hyperlink Drum ™ and Overflow Protection Sensor of VeinWorks
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Wash Less “Hyper link Drum”  IoT Business “Telemetry system of residual liquid”  “Traceability system”   “Import and export of special industrial containers”  “Empty drum collection system “