Message from CEO

Sending a greetings from a beautiful ocean city Hayama, I'm Tetsuya Enomoto, the representative of Vein works. I started our business from scratch in 2010, and this year will be the 12th year. I experienced many years in this field, had nearly 16 years of experience, and felt that there were still many unique and opportunities in this industry.  I  opened my office in Hayama City for my favorite marine sports. I sometimes sailing boat and enjoying cruising around Izu peninsula. You caught me right , I simply love the sea surrounding my everyday life, so does my partner dog Luke. This year is fresh new starting for Vein Works. I have felt the most enjoyable time since I started the company, and I am fortunate to be able to continue my passion for work and hobbies for a long time. For more than 10 years, I have built a relationship of trust between our container company and its factory. During this time, we were able to gain the support of overseas customers, and demand for orders began to increase from around 2019. In this year,

I plan to increase the number of employees and business expansion in Europe market this year. 



Tetsuya Eomoto 

Janurary 2023