Hyper link Drum

Hyper link Drum (hereinafter referred to as HLD) as one of the domestic core business

About 30 years ago, in order to prevent anyone from opening the lid arbitrarily, DOW CHEMICAL changed the drum materials made by MICRO MATIC which are used for major Japanese agricultural industries nowadays. Our product drums are used stainless materials which are popularly used for chemical and lubricant industries. 


Exclusive cart for           Hyper link Drum

Since HLD is equipped with exclusive cart, it can be handled safely easily.

The exclusive cart is equipped with a stopper, and the bar is attached so that the drum does not collapse.

We offer 2 types for 100 L and 200 L.


State of contents according to cut model of HLD. A tube is attached to the HLD valve, so it is not necessary to insert a tube like an electric pump.


cut model & extraction kit

When extracting, a dedicated coupler is attached to the valve, air or nitrogen is sealed in the extraction kit corresponding to the electric pump, the liquid is extruded and discharged from the tube


As a way to use HLD, extrude liquid with a small pressure with air, nitrogen or the like, and extract through a tube. Since HLD's operational time is only half than the electric pump, the work efficiency will be greatly improved.

It is an image of the scene where engine oil is put in the oil tank