Sojitz partners with US synthetic biology pioneer to develop 92 trillion yen bio market.

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Today, we would like to share with you some news about "manufacturing" with biology.


According to BUSINESS INSIDER May 16, 2024

※ Image taken from BUSINESS INSIDER 


Sojitz has formed a business alliance with Ginkgo Bioworks, an American synthetic biology venture, and appears to be developing synthetic biology research and development services in Japan! 


In the future, a shift from conventional "manufacturing" based on petrochemical raw materials to new "manufacturing" using microorganisms and plants as raw materials is expected both in Japan and overseas.


There are still few synthetic biology ventures in Japan, and the alliance between Sojitz and Ginkgo Bioworks is expected to introduce technology and expand the market.



We felt that it was very important to make a shift from the conventional "manufacturing" of petrochemicals.

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