Toshiba Energy triples lifespan with “CO2 absorption solution” development.

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Today we have some news about the carbon dioxide gases that cause global warming.


According to Newswitch, May 11, 2024.

※ Image taken from Newswitch


Toshiba Energy Systems has developed a new CO2 absorbent to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and has conducted a test run of about 8,000 hours at a cleaning plant in Saga City with good results.


The newly developed CO2 absorbent has a degradation rate 1/3 faster than conventional products, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the CO2 recovery system.


It seems that the performance of this CO2 absorbing liquid will be appealed and sold to customers as a set with a separation and recovery device.



Carbon neutrality is called out every day as a measure against global warming, and we hope that this technology will be a breakthrough.

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