Enjoyed it with Honda e (35.5 kWh)! Evolving “grateful” charging spot ramblings

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Today we have some news about Honda's EVs.


According to EVsmart Blog April 30, 2024

※ Image taken from  EVsmart Blog 


This article is about my experience driving Honda's EV “Honda e” (35.5kWh) on a round trip between Tokyo and Aichi.


Regarding the evolution of charging infrastructure, the number of charging spots on highways has increased and seems to be getting easier to use.


The article conveys the driving performance of the “Honda e” and the appeal of driving while enjoying beautiful scenery and food. It also describes the interaction at the “Honda e” Owners Club and a visit to an EV charging spot.


Overall, the content conveys to readers the joy of traveling with EVs and the importance of charging infrastructure.



We’re a little nervous about EVs for long-distance driving, but reading blogs like this one gives us an idea of what to expect.

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