Chinese smartphone market growth impacts Japanese component makers via supply chain dynamics

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Today we have some news about the global smartphone market.


According to Newswitch April 26, 2024.

※ Image taken from  Newswitch


Chinese smartphone manufacturers are increasing their presence in the global market, with Huawei, Xiaomi, Transion, and Oppo chasing Apple. Cost-effectiveness seems to be a factor in their growing market share. 


In terms of market share, Samsung Electronics leads with 20.8%, followed by Apple with 17.3%, Xiaomi with 14.1%, Transion with 9.9%, and Oppo with 8.7%.


While Apple remains the leader in the Japanese market, the Chinese market share is also growing, and increased demand for mid- to low-end smartphones could affect Japanese component makers, so attention must be paid.



We hope it will not have a bad influence on Japanese electronic component makers,,

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