Discovery of the Milky Way Galaxy's Largest Stellar Black Hole: 33 Times the Mass of the Sun

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Today we have news about a newly discovered black hole.


According to Jiji Press News, April 19, 2024

※ Image taken from Jiji Press News


A new black hole has been accidentally discovered in data collected by the European Space Agency's (ESA) Gaia space telescope.


This black hole is located in the direction of the constellation Aquila and is the largest stellar black hole in the Milky Way Galaxy, with a mass 33 times that of the Sun, and its position is 2000 light years away from the Earth.


Named Gaia BH3, this black hole is believed to have been difficult to detect because it is dormant and does not emit X-rays.



A black hole 2,000 light years away, it is hard to imagine, but we never forget the Milky Way we saw in young days.

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