U.S.: Object ejected into space did not burn up in the atmosphere and hit a house - NASA

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Today we have some news about objects falling from space. 


According to NHK NEWS WEB April 16, 2024

※ Image taken from NHK NEWS WEB 


A metal object ejected from the International Space Station did not burn up in the atmosphere and hit a house in Florida, USA. (The size of the direct hit was about 4 cm in diameter, 10 cm in length, and weighed about 700 grams.)


Its identity was a piece of old battery equipment on board the space station, weighing approximately 2,600 kg at the time of release, and part of it fell without burning up after entering the atmosphere.


NASA is analyzing the cause in detail and will continue to work to reduce the risk to people on Earth when releasing objects into space.



A piece of metal falling from the sky! Many countries are developing space exploration but scary to think something similar may happen in the future.

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