Kyoto University and Canon develop automated iPS cell production, cutting costs, ensuring quality.

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 Today we have some news regarding iPS cells.


According to the Yomiuri Shimbun Online April 12, 2024

※ Image taken from the Yomiuri Shimbun Online


The Kyoto University iPS Cell Research Foundation and Canon Inc. have jointly developed a technology that automatically produces iPS cells from a patient's blood. This technology will enable the use of the patient's own iPS cells to transform them into muscle, nerve, and other cells, thereby reducing rejection at the time of transplantation.


They aim to commercialize a fully automated device next year that will significantly reduce the cost of producing iPS cells to about 1 million yen per person, compared to the conventional manual process. 


This is expected to lead to the development of innovative medical technologies that may be able to regenerate body tissues and functions lost due to disease or injury.


We hope that the application of iPS cells in medicine, which is a hot topic, will progress rapidly.

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