57% of trucking companies nationwide are in the red; industry group analyzes business conditions

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Today we have some news about the trucking industry. 


According to NHK NEWS WEB April 8, 2024

※ Image taken from NHK NEWS WEB 


The operating profit/loss ratio for truckers varies by the number of trucks owned, averaging plus 1.7% for those with 101 or more trucks, minus 1.2% for those with 11 to 20 trucks, and minus 3.6% for those with 10 trucks or fewer.


Small businesses with fewer than 20 units account for three-fourths of the total industry and are suffering from chronic losses due to rising fuel costs 。


The so-called "2024 problem" is about to begin, with the start of overtime caps for truck drivers and concerns about a decline in transportation volume. 。



We are worried about how serious the impact of the 2024 problem will be. 。

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