Strength in hydrofluoric acid; Morita Chemical's competitiveness in chip and battery demand

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Today we have news about Morita Chemical, a world leader in hydrogen fluoride.


According to April 7, 2024.

※ Image taken from Newswitch


Morita Chemical is one of the few Japanese companies that produce hydrofluoric acid, which is essential for semiconductor cleaning and etching.


Hydrofluoric acid for semiconductors requires extremely high purity and stable production as well as thorough quality control 365 days a year.


The company's goal is to increase sales in the semiconductor and battery sectors by 1.5 times the current level, with a particular focus on demand for fluoride as an electrolyte additive in lithium-ion batteries.



The market for lithium-ion batteries is important. We look forward to Morita Chemical's future activities! 

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