Japan reports EV shift as "stagnant" or "deadlocked"; global sales data reveals truth.

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Today we have some news on trends in the EV market.


According to EVsmart Blog March 30, 2024

※ Image taken from EVsmart Blog 


In January 2024, EVs (BEVs + PHEVs) accounted for 16% of global new vehicle sales, up significantly from 11% in the same month last year; BEVs grew 48% and PHEVs 98%, according to the report.


In the Chinese PHEV market, many PHEVs are equipped with high-capacity batteries, and they are usually charged as EVs and use the engine together for long distances.


Lower battery costs are reflected in EV vehicle prices, which are expected to fall 40% between 2023 and 2025.



We hear that the Nissan Serena E-power car is a good car, but the price is out of reach.

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