Intense competition in the development and sale of "alternative food products" and the entry of U.S. companies into the Japanese market.

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Today we have some news on alternative foods.


According to NHK N EWS WEB March 19, 2024

※ Image taken from NHK NEWS WEB 


An American start-up company has introduced an "alternative food" made from plant-derived ingredients to the Japanese market, and the competition for sales seems to be intensifying.


Alternative foods made from plant-derived ingredients are being developed, such as ice cream without milk and meat substitutes made from soybeans. In addition, the technology of sprouting soybeans has increased the amount of amino acids and kept the nutritional value at the same level as dairy products and meat.


Alternative foods have the potential to change the way we feed ourselves and contribute to a sustainable future.



Alternative foods look promising as a way out of the food crisis of the future.

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