Workman's 2024 Peltier Vest: Cooler, warmer, with wealth of functions

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According to, February 18, 2024

※  Image taken from Mynavi News



The Peltier Vest is an inner vest that uses Peltier elements to heat and cool the back and front, and is a popular product that sold out 30,000 units last year. 


The 2024 version has improved heating and cooling performance and includes a fluctuation function. The “ICE Peltier Vest”, which specializes in cooling, is also newly introduced.


This article describes each of them in detail, including their features, mechanism price and release date.  If you are interested in Workman's heating and cooling wear, please check it out! 



It is impressive to know a semiconductor product called Peltier element is now used in the clothings around us.

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