Nikkei hits highest in 3 decades, nearing all-time peak amid rising US stocks

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Here is some news on the Nikkei Stock Average today.


According to Asahi Shimbun DIGITAL February 16, 2024

※ Image taken from Asahi Shimbun DIGITAL 


On the 16th, the Nikkei Stock Average surged over 700 yen, hitting 38,865 yen in Tokyo, marking a 34-year high since January 1990's bubble period.


Stock buying trend continues due to strong performance of Japanese and American companies and positive outlook for the US economy.


Increased demand for semiconductors in smartphones and automobiles leads to widespread buying of semiconductor-related stocks amid ongoing supply shortages.



The highest in 34 years!...We hope Japanese companies continue to perform well.

We support Japanese manufacturing business. 

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