Quantum-driven system optimizes truck cargo loading, yields results in 40 seconds.

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Today we have some news about truckload loading.


According to Newswitch, February 3, 2024

※ Image taken from Newswitch


Next Logistics Japan (NLJ) is set to externally market a system called "NeLOSS" (Next Logistics Optimization Support System), which utilizes quantum computing to determine the optimal combination of truck-loaded cargo in just 40 seconds.


This system can reduce loading calculations that would normally take over two hours manually. Additionally, with the improvement in loading efficiency, it seems possible to transport goods with fewer vehicles due to increased loading rates.


Amid the impending 2024 logistics crisis, "NeLOSS" is anticipated as one of the solutions to address challenges in the logistics industry, such as a shortage of truck drivers and dispatch staff. 。



We should all be concerned with the “2024 logistics issues,” as we want keep on receiving packages on schedule.

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