Prevent winter falls, fractures; Address prolonged closure trends - Gunma Labor Bureau.

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Today we have some news about wintertime fall prevention.


According to the Labor Press, January 24, 2024

※ Image taken from the Labor Press


The Gunma Labor Bureau has designated the period from January to March as one in which falls are most likely to occur, and has called for the promotion of countermeasures at workplaces. 


In the past, there have been serious occupational accidents in the region, including fractures and contusions caused by slipping and falling due to snow and icy conditions.


The plan involves physical measures like snow removal and melting, footwear care, and warm air blowers for passageways. Safety measures include creating hazard maps and reviewing work methods to mitigate risks in the specified areas.


Even when commuting to work, we need to be careful not to fall over due to icy road surfaces. Please be careful.

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