The “2024 Problem” is just around the corners. Outlook of logistics industry.

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Let us share about the “2024 Problem”.


According to NHK NEWS WEB dated January 4, 2024


※ Image taken from NHK NEWS WEB


This news discusses the "2024 logistics issue" in which stricter regulations on overtime work for truck drivers may lead to the possibility of delayed deliveries. The problem is reported from on-site situations in Fukushima and Akita prefectures.


Logistics bottlenecks often stem from vague contractual details on non-transportation duties, like delivery personnel responsibilities, inspection depth at destinations, and sorting procedures. These tasks, viewed as part of the service, lack clarity, resulting in drivers spending considerable time on these aspects, impacting overall efficiency.


Iwaki City flower farmers fear shipping halt due to ongoing issues.



Our daily lives may also be affected. We invite you to read this article and think about the current state of logistics and the challenges it faces.

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