SoftBank and Ehime Prefecture collaborate to set standards for quality of delicious red seabream.

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Today we have some news on the standardization of fish quality standards.


According to CNET Japan December 15, 2023

※ Image taken from CNET Japan


SoftBank reports that it has launched a quality standardization project to establish a method for measuring fish freshness and umami with the aim of increasing the value of fish.


The goal of this project is to create a standard to guarantee the quality of fish, select fish suitable for freezing, and revitalize Japan's fisheries industry. 


The project involves Akasaka Fisheries, an aquaculture company in Ehime, and the Ehime Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology. SoftBank will provide machine learning models to measure fish freshness and umami ingredients using portable spectral sensors. 



It would be a great business opportunity if we could develop and patent a technology for standardization of quality standards for fresh food products,

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