Four Japanese firms in top 10 for semiconductor equipment revenue, Q3 2023

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Today we have some news from the world's semiconductor equipment manufacturers.


According to TECH + December 13, 2023. 

※ Image taken from TECH +


Semiconductors, vital for smartphones, computers, cars, and IoT, demand advanced manufacturing. Key role played by semiconductor equipment manufacturers in supplying essential production equipment.


Semiconductor manufacturers' revenue, impacted by industry trends and demand shifts, is detailed in this article, presenting the top 10 companies for Q3 2023.


The top 5 companies constitute a massive presence in the semiconductor equipment market, accounting for 88% of the total revenue. Among them, Tokyo Electron (TEL) appears to be in 4th place.



I see that four Japanese companies are among the top 10 companies. We hope they will continue to compete strongly against the world.

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