JR Tokai enhances Chuo Shinkansen Maglev with helium-free high-temp magnets.

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Today I would like to share with you some news about the technological development of the Linear Central Shinkansen Line.


According to Newswitch, November 27, 2023

※ Image taken from Newswitch


JR Tokai developed high-temperature superconducting magnets for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, receiving positive evaluations from the Ministry for potential use on commercial railway lines. 


High-temperature superconducting magnets can be cooled by refrigeration, eliminating the need for imported liquid helium, thus avoiding the procurement risk associated with liquid helium.


Furthermore, high-temperature superconducting magnets do not require helium tanks or piping, which is expected to reduce production costs, maintenance, and power consumption by about 10%.



Fingers crossed that the Linear Shinkansen will be open for business in the near future! 

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