GMO and AI implementation cut 96,000 monthly work hours, equivalent to 600 employees' efforts

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Today we have some news on how we are saving time by using generative AI in our daily work! 


TECH+ According to November 20, 2023. 

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GMO Internet Group has conducted a survey of its partners in Japan regarding their actual use of ChatGPT and other generative AI. The group-wide use of generative AI has saved approximately 96,000 hours of work per month, or the equivalent of 600 employees!


Ninety-six percent of those who use generative AI in their work say it has reduced or saved time, and 95% feel it has improved the quality of their work output. Examples of tasks that people have performed using generative AI include writing emails, correcting English emails, coming up with ideas for talk scripts, and writing articles for content marketing. 



Generative AI is a hot topic, and it's already being used in actual business operations. 

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