Honda Announces “Honda SENSING 360+,” a New All-round Safe Driving Assistance System

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Today we have some news on safe driving support systems. 


TECH+ According to November 17, 2023.

※ Image taken from TECH+


Honda has introduced “Honda SENSING 360+,” an omni-directional safe driving support system that covers blind spots around the vehicle to help avoid traffic accidents and reduce the driver's workload.


The system employs high-precision maps and a driver monitoring camera to improve driver status confirmation and vehicle control functions, according to the company.


The main function of Honda SENSING 360+, "Hands-off Driving Assistance," is a system that operates the gas pedal, brake, and steering wheel while driving on highways and freeways, helping the driver to maintain vehicle speed and stay within the lane even when the driver takes his/her hands off the steering wheel. 



We hear about the driver's license return system for the elderly, and we hope that driver assistance systems will further advance so that even elderly people can safely drive a car. 

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