Panasonic and partners test aerial delivery robots to help solve challenges for "shopping refugees."

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Today we have news about an aerial delivery robot. 。


According to CNET Japan November 17, 2023

※ Image taken from CNET Japan


Panasonic Holdings, Tokyu, and UR Urban Renaissance Agency announced today that they will conduct a pilot test of a delivery service using an aerial delivery robot in the UR Nijigaoka Housing Complex in Asao Ward, Kawasaki City.


Residents will be able to order items from a dedicated app and the robot will deliver them to a pickup box.


They are aiming to establish a new delivery infrastructure using aerial delivery robots to solve the problem of "shopping refugees" due to the aging population and labor shortage, etc. Aerial delivery robots are supported by wires, so they are safer, quieter, and more energy-efficient than drones. 



We wonder if in the near future, a delivery helicopter will deliver packages to the balcony of a high-rise tower apartment…

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