Transitioning long-distance transport: trucks to ships/rail amid labor shortages?

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Long-distance transportation experiencing manpower shortage - news update.


According to NHK WEB October 10, 2023

※ Image taken from NHK WEB 


The "2024 Problem" involves a looming crisis in the transportation industry, particularly for truck drivers, due to stricter working hour regulations that could hinder goods transportation.


The government plans a "modal shift" to other modes like ships and railways, aiming to reduce driver hours and lower carbon emissions.


Modal shift also faces challenges, including driver wages, shipper pricing, transport capacity, and user flexibility for redelivery and delivery date preferences.


In 2024, addressing logistics issues necessitates collaboration between the industry, shippers, and users. A commitment to environmental responsibility is also essential, with a focus on sustainable logistics practices.


These days, many of you probably get packages delivered to your door. If the delivery service were to disappear, we would be in serious trouble. The "2024 Problem" is an issue that directly affects our daily lives.

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