China's economic problems and their impact on the world

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Today we have some news about the impact of China's economic problems on the world.


According to BBC NEWS JAPAN October 1, 2023


※ Image taken from BBC NEWS JAPAN October 1, 2023


China contributes significantly to global economic growth, impacting multinational corporations and exporting countries. However, its reliance on exports, as opposed to imports, has led to debates about the extent of its global influence and contribution. 


China's real estate market is not linked to the financial system in the same way that the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 was. Also, the Chinese government is unlikely to let a major bank fail. Therefore, the likelihood of a financial crisis spreading to the rest of the world is low.


It is unclear how China's domestic problems will affect its foreign policy. While China may try to mend relations with the U.S., it is unlikely that it will remain intransigent on Taiwan or the One Belt, One Road initiative, for example. If history has taught us anything, it is that we should expect the unexpected. 



We should keep close watch on how may China's economic problems affect the world in the future.

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