New Mitsubishi pump enhances vehicle-mounted hydrogen station efficiency

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Today we have some news on hydrogen stations. 


According to Newswitch September 26, 2023

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Iwatani Corporation have signed an MOU for the development and sale of liquefied hydrogen boost pumps, aimed at creating an innovative hydrogen supply system to achieve a carbon-neutral society.


The two companies are partnering to develop a package using a high-pressure liquid hydrogen pump (90MPa) for optimizing hydrogen stations and facility efficiency in Japan.

It's a step toward a carbon-neutral society, reducing environmental impact. The goal is to apply this tech to hydrogen stations, focusing on large fuel cell vehicles, expecting rising demand. 


This effort marks a significant stride towards sustainability, reflecting Japan's technological advancements and energy policy progress, with future growth expected.



Once thought handling hydrogen was tough, but soon, trucks may transport it locally. 

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