U.S. imposes sanctions on metal for can manufacturing in China and other countries 122% on Chinese products

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Today we have some news about tariffs on tinplate products. 


According to MINKABU, dated August 17, 2023


U.S. to impose tariffs on tinplate products from China, Germany, Canada  

The U.S. says this is because investigations have revealed that steelmakers in these countries have been selling their products in the U.S. at unfairly low prices. 

They will impose tariffs on Chinese products at 122% of the import price, the highest of the three countries! 

China currently accounts for 14% of U.S. tin imports, Germany and Canada 30%, and the Netherlands and the rest of the U.S. tinplate imports, with food manufacturers opposing the new tariffs, saying they would drive up the price of canned food. 。



Is this also part of the US-China hegemony struggle? The issue of import duties on tinplate products is likely to ultimately affect the price of food for ordinary citizens. 

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