Reducing CO2 Emissions from EV Raw Materials and Other Production Processes: New Technology from Japanese Companies

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Today, we would like to introduce news about raw materials for EVs. 。


According to NHK NEWS WEB on August 7, 2023


The production process of EVs emits a large amount of carbon dioxide in the mining and refining of raw materials, and this seems to be an issue. 

Mitsui & Co. reports that it has developed a technology to efficiently heat lithium-ion battery materials using microwaves, and that this technology can reduce CO₂ emissions by about 90%! 

Proterial has developed a method to eliminate the manufacturing process of cathode material, which is a component of lithium-ion batteries, and reports that this can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 20%. 

There is a movement in the EU and other countries to regulate the environmental impact of the EV production process, and Japanese companies are expected to make further progress in technological development.



The fact that new technologies are being announced one after another that will enable a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries, the most important component in EV production, is good news for the future.

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