Ocean Temperatures Hit Record Highs, Severely Impacting Global Environment

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Today we have some global warming news to share with you. 


According to BBC NEWS JAPAN August 5, 2023:

※ Image taken from BBC NEWS JAPAN 


The EU's Copernicus Climate Change Service reports that the Earth's average sea water temperature reached 20.96 degrees Celsius this week, breaking the record high set in 2016 and well above the average for this season! 

Warmer oceans and heat waves can affect fish, whales and other marine life, disrupting the food chain, reducing catches and making predators such as sharks more aggressive! 

Scientists are very concerned that the record breaking of sea water temperatures is occurring in August this year, contrary to the fact that historically, record breaking has occurred in March. 

According to the IPCC, the frequency of ocean heat waves has doubled between 1982 and 2016, and their intensity and duration have also increased! 



Global warming is steadily affecting everything on the planet. We are also in the heat wave this summer, but will it be hotter next year… 

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