Development of Environmentally Friendly High-Performance PFAS-Free Surfactant "MEGAFACEⓇ EFS Series

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Today, we would like to share a new of PFAS-free surfactant.


According to DIC NEWS dated August 1, 2023:

※ Image taken from the DIC NEWS


DIC Corporation announces that it has developed the environmentally friendly PFAS-free surfactant MEGAFACEⓇ EFS Series. 。

This product has surface-active effects and uniform application properties equivalent or superior to those of fluorosurfactants, and appears to be applicable to a wide range of applications, including displays, semiconductors, automobiles, and coatings. 

The DIC Group is a leading global provider of packaging materials, display materials, and high-performance materials that are indispensable to people's lives. 。



Recently, environmental concerns by PFAS have been making headlines, and the development of new PFAS-free products has become an urgent issue. PFAS is also widely used in semiconductor manufacturing processes, so for this new PFAS-free product, the cleanliness of the container is important.

Vein Works offers clean containers used for high-performance solvents 。 

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