Netherlands: Hydrogen infrastructure project, construction of Europe's largest manufacturing plant

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Today, we have some news of hydrogen infrastructure in the Netherlands.


According to Jiji Press News, July 29, 2023:

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The article reports on trends related to hydrogen, which is attracting attention as a new energy source to replace fossil fuels.

The Netherlands is aiming to become a center of the hydrogen supply chain, and in Rotterdam, Shell is building the largest hydrogen plant in the region that will produce hydrogen without emitting carbon dioxide! 

The Port Authority also envisions importing and storing hydrogen from abroad, and a project has emerged in the northern state of Groningen to convert disused gas storage facilities and pipelines to supply hydrogen domestically and internationally. 

The Netherlands and its future trends are attracting attention as an advanced country in hydrogen energy.


Hydrogen is said to be the next generation of energy, and investment to lead future businesses has already begun around the world. 

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