Kao's challenge to commercialize horizontal recycling technology; will it be a new solution to environmental problems?

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Let us introduce you the news about Kao's recycling technology. 


According to TECH+ July 27, 2023: 

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Kao's horizontal recycling technology for used refill packs contributes to the realization of a resource-recycling society by reusing refill packs.

However, refill packs have been difficult to reuse because they are multi-layered and contain a mixture of different materials. 

Kao has developed technologies such as laser filters and compatibilizers to remove foreign matter and prevent agglomeration, thereby succeeding in horizontal recycling. 

It seems that this technology still has some issues to be addressed, but it is also Kao's challenge to address environmental issues. 



We knew that "refills" are important for eco-friendly purposes, but refillable pack products are packed with a lot of technology. Very impressive. 

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