Panasonic Energy and Mazda Begin Discussions to Build Mid- to Long-Term Partnership for Automotive Battery Supply

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Today we have news about lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications.


According to Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun 2023/6/21, Panasonic Energy and Mazda begin talks to establish a medium- to long-term partnership for the supply of automotive batteries

Panasonic Energy and Mazda have begun discussions to build a medium- to long-term partnership for the supply of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications. 

In order to meet the rapidly growing market demand for battery EVs and automotive batteries, the two companies have recently agreed to explore the possibility of establishing a medium- to long-term partnership. 

Going forward, Panasonic Energy will supply automotive cylindrical lithium-ion batteries manufactured at its plants in Japan and North America to Mazda, and Mazda will begin specific discussions with a view to installing batteries procured from Panasonic Energy in battery EVs scheduled to be introduced in the second half of the 2020s. 



Quality control in the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries seems to be very strict. We often hear of accidents involving heat generation and ignition caused by inferior batteries in mobile products around us. This is absolutely unacceptable for automotive batteries. Transporting high-quality raw materials requires special containers. 

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