The trending generative AI – Father of that AI, Professor Lucan, speaks

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According to BBC News Japan June 16, 2023. 'AI won't destroy jobs forever' ......'Father of AI' Professor Lucan claims - BBC News

Jan Lukan, a professor at New York University, who is a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) research, claims that AI will neither conquer the world nor permanently destroy jobs.

Lukan stated that the notion that AI poses a threat of human extinction, propagated by some experts, is "completely absurd." Additionally, while computers may eventually surpass humans in intelligence, Lukan believes this is still many years away, and if it is deemed unsafe, it simply should not be created.

Lukan currently serves as the Chief AI Officer at Meta and his research focuses on "purpose-driven AI," aiming to create secure systems that possess memory, reasoning, planning, and common sense, which he emphasizes are not present in systems like "ChatGPT."


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