The competition for EV charging standards in North America - The future outlook, based on recent developments

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According to a report by CNET Japan on June 12, 2023, 

General Motors (GM) and Ford have recently entered into agreements with Tesla to utilize Tesla's Supercharger network for their own electric vehicles (EVs) in the North American region. These agreements are expected to be implemented by 2024.

With these agreements, GM and Ford, both manufacturing affordable EVs, will incorporate Tesla's proprietary charging standard into their vehicles, enabling them to utilize Tesla's extensive Supercharger network,

which currently accounts for approximately 60% of the rapid charging stations in North America. Tesla, GM, and Ford collectively manufacture around 70% of the EVs in the United States. Therefore, by adopting the same charging standard, Tesla's charging standard is expected to become the de facto standard in the United States and potentially the entire North American region.


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