Public-Private Fund Industrial Innovation Investment Corporation to acquire JSR, a major semiconductor materials company

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Today we would like to share with you some news from Photoresist.


According to NHK NEWSWEB on June 24, 2023, the public-private fund Industrial Innovation Investment Corporation is planning to acquire JSR, a major semiconductor materials company. 

It is reported that the Innovation and Investment Corporation of Japan (JIC), a public-private fund, will acquire JSR, the world's top market share in semiconductor material photoresists, for a scale of 1 trillion yen. 

JSR is listed on the prime market, the highest level of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and has the world's top share in “photoresists”, a material indispensable for the manufacture of semiconductors. 

JSR commented on March 24 that it is considering it, and speculation about a takeover bid (TOB) has been prevalent. If the procedure goes smoothly, JSR is expected to be delisted within the next year. 


Japanese companies that were once the world's number one in the electronics and semiconductor industries are now trailing behind, but they still lead the world in photoresist products. I look forward to JSR's further development through this acquisition of JIC.

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