Hydrogen, the next generation energy source, has a color? Did you know this?

In the realm of hydrogen energy, three fascinating hues emerge: "grey hydrogen," "blue hydrogen," and "green hydrogen."

  1. 1. Grey Hydrogen: This type of hydrogen is derived from fossil fuels, resulting in CO2 emissions during its manufacturing process. Unfortunately, it is not directly beneficial to decarbonization efforts, making it less environmentally friendly.

  2. 2. Blue Hydrogen: Also produced from fossil fuels, but with a crucial twist – measures are taken to capture and store the CO2 generated during production, often through underground storage. This helps in supporting decarbonization endeavors.

  3. 3. Green Hydrogen: Perhaps the most alluring shade, green hydrogen is produced solely from renewable energy sources. The magnificent aspect of this type is that it leaves no carbon footprint, making it an ideal candidate for a sustainable future.

While grey hydrogen boasts lower production costs, its drawback lies in its inability to contribute directly to decarbonization. On the other end of the spectrum, both blue and green hydrogen possess the valuable quality of supporting decarbonization, but their higher production costs present a challenge to wider adoption.

Indeed, the method of hydrogen production plays a significant role in determining its environmental impact, showcasing a vivid spectrum of possibilities.

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