What is the future of the hydrogen supply chain?

Hello, this is Enomoto from VeinWorks.

Recently, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) published an article on June 9, 2023, titled "Building Realistic Hydrogen Supply Chains: Future of Hydrogen Supply Chains as Envisioned by Various Countries." This insightful article delves into the potential implementation of hydrogen supply chains worldwide. For more detailed information, you can visit the JETRO website and navigate to the "Regional and Analysis Reports" section within the special feature on overseas business information.

In pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2050, countries around the globe are placing considerable emphasis on hydrogen and formulating hydrogen strategies one after another. The key aspects of these strategies revolve around the types and production methods of hydrogen, the scale of production and import/export, the transportation and storage methods, as well as the wide-ranging applications of hydrogen.

It is worth noting that each country has its own major hydrogen-related projects. These projects primarily focus on green hydrogen production, utilizing the electrolysis method with a combination of "renewable energy" and "water electrolyzer," or blue hydrogen projects that involve the reforming method combining "fossil fuels" with "CCS/CCUS."

Given the significance of hydrogen in addressing future energy challenges, it is essential to comprehend the hydrogen strategies pursued by various countries and explore potential business opportunities within the hydrogen supply chain.

Considering the relationship between hydrogen and industrial containers is of utmost importance. Safe storage and transportation are crucial aspects of hydrogen usage. Vein Works actively supports customers in resolving supply chain challenges through the sale of specialized industrial containers. We offer a wide range of services, including the sale of ISO-compliant industrial containers and drum cans, as well as drum can recycling and regeneration, all proudly made in Japan.

As the importance of hydrogen continues to grow, Vein Works aims to be your reliable partner in realizing safe and efficient hydrogen utilization, actively contributing to your business endeavors.

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