Epoxy resin paint raw materials have stopped!

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, a manufacturer of raw materials for epoxy resin paints that are often used to paint the interior of industrial containers, announced on August 30 last month that it will discontinue product production due to a factory defect. This raw material seems to have been almost monopolized by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, and the industry in which it was used, especially the industrial container industry, was in a state of confusion. However, it was announced on September 7 that production would resume after the factory was repaired, probably due to the magnitude of the impact. I have witnessed that the availability of manufacturing by raw material manufacturers has such an impact on other industries.


Container companies that do business with us are also searching for alternative raw materials and other raw materials every day. Even if you find one with the same physical characteristics, it will take several months to get production on track, as you will have to test the container again with the consumers.


Although it is usually a sober raw material manufacturer, its impact on other industries is immeasurable.