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04,2023:First Europe, first UK. A surprise visit to a business partner in a rural town about 30 minutes by car from Oxford.


03,2023:We will exhibit at INCHEM TOKYO 2023 @ Tokyo Big Sight (September 20-23, 2023).


09, 2022: VeinWorks hosted a local Isshiki Bassist in Hayama, my friend Layla Tomomi Sakai and guitarist Yuichiro Hiraoka, and                      enjoyed a wonderful JAZZ night with the locals! As a local contribution...


07 , 2022: First factory audit by an American supplier. We exchanged many very detailed audit check sheets.

       Although there were still assignments and homework left, they completed the factory audit and returned to their        home countries.


06 , 2022: Until last year, Mr Hasegawa, who worked for a certain global chemical company, became a partner of VW.

     This will be a 4 person system.From now on, I will also solve technical problems for customers as a technical advisor.


06 , 2022:  It was published in the article of The Chemical Daily.


05 , 2022: We recruited a clerk and had her come.


05 , 2022: updated website contents and information 


10,2020: We are going exhibit at Chemical Material JAPAN 2020-ONLINE-19 Oct 2020 ~18 Nov 2020


04,2020: Office relocation  2511-110, Isshiki, Hayama-cho,Miura-gun, Kanagawa,240-0111 JAPAN


08,2019 : We are going exhibit at Chemical Material JAPAN 2019 @ Pacifico Yokohama Hall.


07.2019: VeinWorks participates in LIP Yokohama x Creativity for Cure initiatives

VeinWorks was selected as a target company for technical illustration creation support by the Communication Design Center (YCU-CDC) at the Yokohama City University Advanced Medical Science Research Center.


04, 2019: A part-time lecturer at National University Corporation TSUKUBA University of Technology


11,2018:We exhibited at METALEX 2018 @ BITEC Bangkok November 21-24


11,2018: Lecturer at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology graduate school MOT lecture / "Innovation Management and  MOT" course


 09,2018:Adopted as Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Internationalization Promotion Internship Promotion Project".

Ms. Nabilah, international student from Indonesia at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Master Degree of  Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering),  came to VeinWorks as an intern for 3 months.


 05,2018:Japan International Trade Development Organization (JETRO)Adoption of support for year 2018.


11,2017: Kanagawa Institute of Technology Graduate School MOT lecture /   "Small and medium enterprise strategy case"


01,2017:Japan International Trade Development Organization (JETRO)Adoption of support for year 2017.


10,2016: Kanagawa Institute of Technology Graduate School MOT lecture /   "Small and medium enterprise strategy case"


07, 2016: IDEC (Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation) "Foreign Investment Support FS Survey Grant" grant  decision  


04, 2014: Association of Management Consultants in Japan Japan Management Officer(5255)


07, 2010: Kanagawa Prefecture Management Innovation Plan Project Approval "Development of sealed stainless drum  and commercialization of rental & lease services"