●"Hyper link Drum " as Eco-friendly sealed type, as cleaning free drum,

IoT product "Remaining liquid detection system (telemetry system)" to notify the remaining amount of liquid in the  tank at a fixed point,

"Overflow prevention sensor" in order to prevent overflow during tank refueling process

Together with these unique products, we handle stainless drums, special pails and various packaging containers.


As shown in the figure below, we are developing solution business in SCM (Supply Chain Management).

Hyperlink Drum ™

Reform work styles-work without heavy labor!!

Hyperlink Drum ™
Hyperlink Drum ™

As a re-employment business and a female utilization business! !

Easy-to-clean pOT bottom stainless steel drum

Realizing a traceability system in the cloud! !

A two-dimensional barcode or QR code is always printed using a laser printer.

Traceability system becomes possible in the cloud.

Lithium battery type residual liquid detection system

As a countermeasure against labor shortage! !

Since it is a lithium battery type terminal, anyone can install it simply by attaching a sensor.Monthly communication fee is 200 yen! Dramatically cheaper!

Retention of client's loyalty

-Abate customer dealing with other suppliers

-Avoid shortage

- Automatic ordering system

-Efficient logistics 

- Optimum delivery

-Better control on remote facilities