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Hyper Link Drum(HLD)

The valve system which diverted the valve function of beer barrels to industrial containers consists of valves and customized couplers and can be used as an ultimate environmental compliant container as a sealed container by being installed in a stainless steel drum.

It is also used as a mini lorry service.


#Work style reform # Free from heavy labor# Drum-less # Container-less # Cleaning-less #Returnable

Telemetry System(TMS)

It is a remaining amount detection system that notifies only a certain fixed point. 

For example, when the remaining capacity reaches 50L in a 250L tank,

it will be notified via the Internet.

Easy installation with lithium battery! 


#Countermeasures for labor shortage # Prevention of shortage # Prevention of cheating # Optimal logistics

Special 12L steel pail

This special steel 12L pail is used for fluorine-based high-value-added solvents and high-purity chemicals for semiconductors. Currently used by global chemical companies overseas.


# Fluorine-based liquids # Fluorine-based solvents #Fluorine # High-purity chemicals for semiconductors #Semiconductor liquids