Who we are


In 2010, when this company started, everything started from "Ganbare Japanese Manufacturing". In 2016, the manufacturing industry in Japan ranked second in GDP by industry with 18.7%. (Data from the 2014 National Accounts Confirmation) However, Japan's international competitiveness has declined within the last 10 years, and therefore the labor pool is predicted to have issues in the future. Providing the best quality was a challenge but we continued to stay keeping high quality, and as its following words of mouth marketing finally made oversea then its begun to be trusted container among industry. With the top quality and commitment to our products as well as our tremendous efforts. We began to export to USA , and now the demand in other countries is increasing by year. There are tons of issues like labor costs, but I'm confident that domestic products are still good. Furthermore, we have started Reuse and Recycle proactively, with the aim of reducing drum wastage and to keeping sustainable society is one of our company task. Vein works will continue to seek product upgrades in response to changes in the environment and business, and our goal is to create the our unique way to build Japanese and international business. We always be a pioneer of special industrial container business.  

what we value

 1) Always consider clients satisfaction, customer satisfaction and service, and provide high-quality service and the best quality from industrial packaging and containers. Always our customer feedback  is our business measurement of service and quality control.   

2) To fully exploit the innovation and unique idea, that is not found in the traditional industrial container market in Japan. We provide completely creative and to propose safe and efficient container and the best routes to offer import. We try to be as much as a best reliable business partner.

3) Pursue mutual interest, increase customer sales, reduce costs, improve productivity, always take a measurement of both profit benefits , implement environmentally-based risk management and pursue mutual interest.